• Pork carcasses (categories S, E, U);
  • Beef carcasses (various ages, conformation and fat content)
  • Chilled and frozen cut meat (pork, beef);
  • Offal (pork, beef)

Modern, high-performance facilities enable large quantities of quality raw meat or end-user products to be quickly packaged and delivered to customers. Different ways of packaging chilled meat are available: both in small packages of 200-500 g with a protective atmosphere and in vacuum packs of 0.5-10 kg.


The newest line of fresh meat products that meet the highest quality standards. In the Grynuoliai packs, the meat is already cut into uniform pieces to make cooking at home as easy and simple as possible. This product line boasts a huge variety: from fresh pork and beef to pork and chicken shish kebabs with exceptional flavour